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Yellowpad About


Yellowpad is a world wide affordable yellowpage that connects potential customers to businesses who offer their special products and services.

It gives business owners their own business website that they can easily setup within a few minutes to use in promoting their products and services for free. The process is very user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding or IT skills to use. The website is customizable to fit the theme and vibe of the business and has images for display.


As customers looking for products and services, yellowpad can help you connect with nearby businesses that can provide you with what you are looking for. Customers can be assured that all businesses registered with yellowpad had undergone a strict compliance of submitting legal permits for authentication and verification that they operate within the rules and law of the government. No scammers or bogus businesses, all are transactions are legitimate and secure. Transactions are faster and more convenient through payment methods such as paymaya, gcash, and kiosks on convenience stores.

Yellowpad About
Yellowpad About


Create an online presence for your business. Let customers know of your offered products or services. Help them find you. Through our integrated map, customers can easily see your business location and be informed of your operating hours and contact details. Earn more through our payment service that will allow customers to pay for the products and service using paymaya, gcash, and kiosks on convenience stores. Transactions are faster and more convenient.



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